Thursday, January 2, 2014

Charley Harper again!

I have not updated my blog in quite some time and that is primarily due to the fact that we welcomed a new baby boy, Clark, to our family in June.  Clark has kept us busy and I have not had much time to draw or paint since his arrival.  When my first son, Sullivan, was born I painted a large mural of animals in the style of Charley Harper for his bedroom and later painted a series of small paintings to spell his name also in the style of Charley Harper. See those two projects here and here.  My wife asked if I could do one for our new baby’s room and suggested that it be a night scene with an owl that spelled his name.  So this weekend I finally took the time to paint what I had been thinking of since she first made the request. 

The animals that I am trying to represent are – Snowy owl, little brown bat (2), white-footed mouse (2), raccoon, and saw-whet owl.

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